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  1. KAMP!

    September 9, 2014 - by labeladmin


    There’s something vague in the music of Kamp! Their hardly-describable sound surprised listeners both in the Balearic “Cairo” (Discotexas 2011), the house-indebted “Melt” (Brennessel 2012) and the raw, electronic “Baltimore”, which sets the tone for the entire EP prepared for the New York label Cascine. What all these singles have in common is the unusual ease in writing melodies, a feature not to be skipped in electronica of pop provenance. 

    Kamp! debuted in 2009 with the “Thales One” EP, the first attempt in Poland to go against the then-popular trends in electronica. Its follow-up, “Breaking A Ghost’s Heart”, is considered a milestone in the Polish history of the genre. Not attaching themselves to labels, in 2010 members of Kamp! released a double A-side “Heats/Distance of the Modern Hearts” a bit by accident, fitting into the role of “a new hope in Polish electronica” and attracting attention from international labels. The first international Kamp! release was out in 2011 on Portuguese label Discotexas. The premiere of “Cairo” was an impulse for Kamp! to head out in new directions that led to their debut album “Kamp!”, released on the band’s own Brennnessel label. Dream-pop musings, fitting the album just as well as house tracks, earned Kamp! over 10,000 copies sold and huge demand from clubs and festivals, starting in Shanghai, through London, to Los Angeles.  

    Late last summer, Kamp! secluded themselves in the Madrid Red Bull studio, writing a completely new set of songs. Dirty, slightly old-fashioned and very danceable, the “Baltimore” EP is out this August on Cascine Records, opening a new stage in the Polish trio’s history.

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    September 9, 2014 - by labeladmin

    Already noticed for his remixes (Reflex, Chela, Autokratz, DCUP, Pherotone…) and with several releases under his belt (including a track on the ‘Bonjour Colette’ compilation), Tokyo-based Yuki Abe AKA producer/DJ Boys Get Hurt gets his inspiration from the melancholic feelings the end of summer inevitably brings about, a personal and evocative sensibility in tune with the land of the rising sun’s delicate culture. Yuki expertly crafts bouncy disco-house music with sprinklings of electronica, indie, ambient, hip-hop and R&B – the perfect pop for 2014. 

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    March 17, 2014 - by labeladmin


    Inspired by European synth pop, Mjolnir, the brainchild of Nara Anindyaguna and Catra Adhiwardana, dub their sound ‘dark disco funk’. The pair’s been getting steady, growing love from the best blogs out there thanks to winning melodies, skilled musicianship and a fresh - not so quite easy to pigeon-hole - approach that’s seen them remix The Chemical Brothers, Chromeo and more. Rising up from the capital city of Indonesian the duo’s music hits and excites every eardrums with wondrous beat and splendid performance.

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    November 17, 2013 - by labeladmin

    Introducing Mannequine, the duo comprising of gifted songwriter Claudio Salvia and versatile dj Ruben Cassiano also behind their Swiss hometown’s best club night. After kicking off their collaboration with bootlegs and edits, the pair soon moved onto producing tentalizing tunes, high on tasteful melodies and rich arrangements, naturally fusing funk, house, nu-disco, indie, r’n’b, beats… in one inspired spell that’s got a definite 2013 stamp to it. 

    Soon several remixes followed, including their impeccable dramadisco reinterpretation of Kill The Hero ft Maggie K de Monde ‘Surrender’ (the 3rd Continental release where they were running against fierce competition with remixes from the likes of Shazam, Play Paul/Tulip, Reflex, Lancelot…) and soon enough Mannequine got working on their debut release, a voluptuous invitation not short of vibey keys, bouncy beats and exotic fragrance.

    Enter local rappers Jas Crew, three MC’s who between them combine five nations united under one name. These Swiss, with only one thing on their mind: music, as a whole in all its various forms and facets, have let their magic operate over Mannequine’s track and provided a fresh and infectious song. ‘Bombay Night Story’ was born, with a chorus catchier than chickenpox, this tale about a night out with loved ones offers a good piece of advice: it’s alright giving it all but make sure not to go overboard.

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    July 15, 2013 - by labeladmin


    New Torontonian-via-Vancouver-via-Winnipeg, Mark ‘Cyclist’ Penner has been a fixture in Canada’s live funk scene for years as part of  impressive live dance outfit Moses Mayes. Enamoured with the post-disco, electronic paths dance music took in the early 80s - electro funk, proto-house etc - it was only a matter of time before Penner would catch the dancefloor bug and turn his ample production skills and musicianship to his solo project Cyclist.

    With internationally acclaimed releases on Homebreakin’ and Punchout! not mentioning an array of remixes – including his rendition (with buddy Pat Lok) of The Rapture’s “How Deep is Your Love” voted winner of a DFA remix competition by the band itself and an inspired indie-dance take on Shindu ‘Just Go’ for Continental) - Cyclist is soon growing into an important producer. His impeccable references by no means tying him up to models but on the contrary inspiring him to continuously push things further.

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    December 5, 2012 - by labeladmin


    During the hot Belgian Summer of 2011, out of the dark and into the 
    blue, a boy and a girl collide to create Shindu. True Flemings, Chibi and 
    Christopher exploded on to the electronic dance scene with their 
    debut EP ‘Happy House’, which had a solid release on renowned French 
    label Kitsuné. Shindu rapidly were called a new and refreshing 
    synthpopsensation, dreaming up stories to create jaunty yet clever tracks
    drenched in late 80s electronica and atmospherics.

    As every tale has its beginning, so does this dynamic duo. 
    Christopher started out as a dj with a repertory mainly consisting of 
    miscellaneous electro and pop digressions. Minds tend to change and 
    so did his ambition to aim for a higher level of music perception. Along the journey roaming  different venues, clubs, studios, radio shows and meeting industry big shots over the years, the time felt right to reinvent himself. Merging with Shindu’s leading lady Chibi, meant creating electronic pop chemistry. She carries Shindu’s vocals on a carpet of colors.

    These music makers deliver tracks in their typical unrestrained and 
    spontaneous way, whether it’s in the studio or behind decks, they 
    always bear happiness and love wherever they go.

    Shindu literally means a celebration with friends, a drive along 
    sunny roads, shorelessly being yourself in a continuous loop…

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    September 12, 2012 - by labeladmin


    Introducing Kill The Hero, comprising Osaka’s famed dj Taku Hero and sidekick Kila, who have both made their marks on this imposing city’s club scene over the past few years. Indeed, any notable dj booked in Osaka inevitably finds Taku on the bill, doing his thing, which usually means expert scratching, acapellas thrown in and most certainly the latest FX technology raring to go in the mix.

    Enter Maggie K de Monde, formerly the vocalist of late 80s pop duo Scarlet Fantastic, whose hit ‘No Memory’ developed into a cult classic still revered today thanks to pushes by Andy Weatherall & co at Boys Own’s legendary acid house parties. The artistic collision between her legendary glammed-up vocalizations and this renowned Japanese duo’s big room approach has given rise to ‘Surrender’, a hymn to the energy that drives love through the darkness of the night until the dawn’s early light.

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  8. RÜFÜS

    July 26, 2012 - by labeladmin


    Brought together by a stormy Byron Bay night and a mutual love of electronic music, RÜFÜS are what happens when a self-taught folk singer/songwriter, a deep house producer and a 4/4 driven drummer write tunes to heat your Saturday nights and warm your Sunday afternoons. 


    In a short 18 months RÜFÜS have been busy. Multiple sold out tours in Australia. Remixes and originals for Kitsuné and Plant (USA). Playing sold out parties in NYC, in front of band members from LCD Soundsystem. High rotation singles, main stage festival appearances as far away as Moscow and many hours locked in their home studio/dungeon, the trio has released their debut album ‘Atlas’ in August 2013.

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    June 21, 2012 - by labeladmin

    JBAG aka Jerry Bouthier and Andrea Gorgerino: part of the Kitsuné family, sound designer of Vivienne Westwood & other fashion labels, dj/producer & A&R-music consultant, Jerry Bouthier has kicked off his digital imprint Continental records with a compelling roster. A classically trained musician turned skilled producer Andrea Gorgerino reigns supreme in the studio where he practices musical alchemy, turning synthetic chaos into organized magic.

    The pair were resident djs at groundbreaking London fashion club BoomBox (now Ponystep) and are often found spinning for the fashion world (Sonia Rykiel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Gareth Pugh, Colette, Givenchy, Top Shop, MTV, Swarovski, H&M, Eurostar to name but a few…).

    After bonding over a love of all things melodic and funky - you could call it balearic - the pair started to draw from their multiple influences, indie, italo, electro, disco, house, funk… all tied up by a little pop twist, and swore they would do all to bring good vibes and songs on the dancefloor.

    Energy and attitude are of course part of the equation, Bouthier & Gorgerino enjoy nothing more than rocking the party; their prime motivation remains sharing with all their enthusiasm for the music that makes their heart beat. Their next step is to take JBAG on the road for some unique live dj sets compete with keyboards and percussion. 

    After a long stretch of remixes for the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, Ladyhawke, S-Express, Gigamesh, Punks Jump Up, Kamp!, Jupiter… the London-based DJs/producers have completed their second single ‘Mogadisco’ released on Continental in September 2013. 

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    May 22, 2012 - by labeladmin

    With a musical history stretching back to the eighties, the man also known as Adam Tinley remains one of pop’s great British eccentrics, forever fusing house, electro, new wave… with catchy choruses and all around dementia. Inspired by punk ethos, he swore he’d never compromise and went off on an idiosyncratic journey galvanized by Ibiza’s original party spirit and fuelled by his acid-house anthems ‘NRG’ and ‘Killer’.

    Since then his performances across the world have been complemented by a stream of releases as Adam Sky on tastemakers imprints Kitsuné, Crosstown Rebels and Exploited. Now reprising his original Adamski identity, he returns to discotheques with a vengeance and a bagful of hot dance tunes and enough pop appeal for Continental to welcome this unique character into its growing stable.  

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